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profile: Herby FitzGerald. 

I am one of seven children raised by my parents in Levin New Zealand in the 1950’s 

 I spent several years The New Zealand Electricity Hydro Department working on several power schemes and dams which gave me a sound knowledge of fluid hydraulics.

Within the NZ Hydro electricity Department there was no possible career moves unless someone above me died so I jumped the fence and joined   CRA mining on Bougainville island  in Papua New Guinea 1976.

A twelve month contract which turned into six years increased my geological experience. 

Jan, I and our three children resettled in Rotorua in 1982.

I then started an Electrical Contracting business in Rotorua which ran for thirty years. 

My interest in the area's lakes bought a twenty foot trailer sailor yacht Rock'n Roll'n into the family.

With the yacht and geological knowledge I increased  interest into the fate of the Pink And White  Terraces. I started an investigation in November 2000.

I was confronted by many people and geologists insisting  that the terraces had been destroyed, 

In the year 2000 I found no sound reason to prove the demise of the Terraces. I felt that I was entitled to my own opinion I looked further for the factual truth. 

After 12 years searching I had proof of the terraces location. Finding them did not take that long but establishing non debatable proofs has proved more difficult. My research exposed several items of interest associated with the Terraces 

I completed  writing The pink and white terraces revisited in 2014. The book looks at the history of the Terraces from the early Maori life associated with the terraces. 

My interests now are gardening, walking and playing bridge. I also enjoy giving verbal presentations and slide shows on events relating to The Pink And White Terraces.

I often think back to the many hours I spent foraging around  the hills and mountains including in and around both Tarawera and Rotomahana Lakes.    

Herby FitzGerald.

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