Description  of my book


Eighty two  high quality images and twenty three thousand words of text explaining what really happened before, during and after the eruption . The book highlights rarely seen early history of the Bay of Plenty area.  It also relates the present status and positioning of The Pink and White Terraces and hints on how the terraces and other features in the Rotorua area can be revealed to the world once more. It also contains  several true short stories of the time blended into the description of events. These stories are true, educational, entertaining and enlightening. 

The background picture behind this description demonstrates true a photo taken in 1860. The original photo was black and white. This was coloured by Ferdinand Von Hochstetter also in 1860. I discovered the chronograph in the Rotorua Library copied it and restored it to its original colours. 

Many of the photos included in this book prove the true status of this eighth wonder of the world.

Herby FitzGerald.


From a personal friend and well known Rotorua Identity whom I have confided with over many years.

Jim Gray has spent most of his life working in the interests of Maori and welfare in the Rotorua area.

 "One man's belief. One man's vision. Despite the so called evidence of the time Herby Fitzgerald did not accept the claim that the Pink and White Terraces had been destroyed  during the Mount Tarawera eruption of 1896. In fact he spent fourteen years of his life with most of it in his boat, "Rock'n Roll'n" carrying out his checks and research in the area.

Herby a local electrician of Rotorua very early in the piece became convinced  that the evidence of the day in its entirety did not support that the Terraces had been destroyed  near the Mount Tarawera eruption. Herby then set about to prove his belief. By clever comparisons of old photos together with photos of today and a cross triangulation process he was able to prove that the area where the  Terraces position was said to be was not the true placement. Furthermore he found that when Lake Rotomahana  was empty for the six years following the eruption finally the lake filled, the waters and debris actually covered the Terraces. Records show that the depth of the water in Lake Rotomahana  is actually some 40 metres above its original depth prior to the eruption There have been numerous reports expressing concerns as to the stability of the material blocking the outlet  of Lake Rotomahana.  most of it consists of pumice. Consequently it is Herby's vision that at some stage it will be necessary to address this matter and in doing so the level of lake Rotomahana could be lowered to its original depth and THE PINK AND WHITE TERRACES in all their glory will be displayed to the world once more. This is a very interesting book and needs to be read to not only Rotorua residents and tourist operators but as part of New Zealand history. Not only does it clarify a number of points but is a remarkable account of  one man's perseverance using basic tools, limited resources and  a belief in the vision. On that account we wish Herby all the success in his vision and trust that he will receive the appropriate support in being able to once more reveal this eighth wonder of the world.

" Jim HGray FNZTA FNZIM JP Rotorua 25th November 2014.